The OurWinnipeg Report to the Community begins with a section about Winnipeg’s Urban Structure:

OurWinnipeg lays out a context-sensitive vision for how growth and development within the city will be accommodated now and into the future. This vision is expressed through the plan’s Urban Structure Map.

This Urban Structure Map forms the basis for development within Winnipeg and will guide how our city will grow in the years ahead. Even though it’s been less than a year since OurWinnipeg came into effect as the City’s official long-term planning document, we’re happy to report that the Urban Structure Map is already beginning to shape our growth.

You can find out more about the Urban Structure map in the Complete Communities Direction Strategy on the OurWinnipeg section of the site, or get a quick overview here. If you want to see some examples of progress being made, check out OurWinnipeg in Action or read our Report to the Community.


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  1. Filipino says:

    This post is beneficial in my part since I am doing a thesis about this. I won't say much. Thank you

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