The conversations held here, and at SpeakUpWinnipeg events, are happening for a reason: to build understanding about the growth and change happening in our city, the community’s priorities and our future as a great place to live.  This understanding enables meaningful action.

Action has always been a central part of SpeakUpWinnipeg.  This page will feature action that is happening as a result of OurWinnipeg related projects and initiatives.  Check back for information about what is underway as well as notices regarding upcoming events and projects.

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OurWinnipeg Report to the Community 2012

The City of Winnipeg is pleased to release its first annual OurWinnipeg Report to the Community. Beginning June 13, SpeakUpWinnipeg will be taking to the streets with SpeakUpWinnipeg On the Spot, bringing information about OurWinnipeg and progress made in its implementation over the past year.

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OurWinnipeg In Action

OurWinnipeg in Action is an interactive tool that will help you learn about Winnipeg’s urban structure. It also shows some examples of innovative development projects happening in different parts of the urban structure.

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