Garbage Master Plan

Garbage & Recycling Master Plan

The Garbage & Recycling Master Plan was adopted by City Council at the October 19, 2011 meeting. More than 2,500 Winnipeggers participated in nine months of city-wide public consultations.

Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

The City of Winnipeg has developed a comprehensive Transportation Master Plan (TMP) which will guide how, when and where the transportation system is developed in the future.


One Response to SpeakingUp

  1. Jana says:

    Not sure if this follows under the WPG. Housing Policy, but why can't we have at least 1 dog in apt. (even if we pay an animal fee, which I would be willing to pay)??

    I know in Ontario if land lords don't allow you to have at least 1 dog (fee or not) you can take them to court as it is against the human rights law. I wish they would bring it here as this is the first time not having a dog and I truly miss having one.